Buying text links at Linkmads

The linkbuilding is the heart of every search engine optimization. It is part of the offpage optimization which is the base for a successful website. With the linkbuilding there is only one problem: It is very exhausting and labour-intensive to build a continuous and natural link structure. The solution for this problem are rented links.  

Advantages of buying text links

Who wants to buy text links benefits from several advantages at once. The most important criterion for the backlink buy is the quality of the links. Text link marketplaces like Linkmads only accept websites, which are rated positively by Google - pass on bad neighbourhood.

The textlink quality is increased additionally by the high topic relevancy. You have the possibility to search targeted in the existing offers for topical fitting offers. The search enginges like links from topic relevant pages - they catapult your position in the search engines directly upwards. You may be sure that the listed offers are not shabby as content farms or new blogs, but first of all well-established pages of different sizes.

It plays an important role for the rating of a link that it is set as a follow link. The worth of nofollow links is considerably lower. Unfortunately it often happens that links are set nofollow later. At Linkmads booked links are and stay follow links - our crawler checks this regularly.

The booked links are preserved long-term. If you set links for example in blog comments or forums, the operator may delete them later or immediately. Indeed, for your own ranking it is very important, that the backlinks are preserved long-term. At Linkmads you define by yourself, how long your links stay set - the bookings may be prolongated in a monthly cycle.

The most important criteria for buying text links

If you buy backlinks you should consider at first the following criteria:

  • page rank
  • alexa rank
  • number of existing links
  • good link structure of the page
  • possibly DMOZ entry

Actually, the page rank does not have a great value anymore, but for Google it still tells a lot about the trust of a page.