Enhancing web projects by backlinks

If a web project is to be successful, it is necessary to run a targeted linkbuilding. A lot of ways lead to new backlinks, but they all have one thing in common: They cause a lot of work. But there is the possibility to reduce the effort significantly: You may buy backlinks. That is very easy with Linkmads.

The procedure of the link booking

At first you may rummage through the offers and choose the websites, which may build a topic relevancy. Afterwards you place your booking. Thereby you specify the link text and the page, to which the link should show. If the offerer accepts the booking, he integrates it as quickly as possible into his page. With a little bit of luck you may see your new link on the booked page on the very same day.

You do not have any effort with the accounting, because it is proceeded completely by Linkmads. You always receive only invoice, regardless of the number of bookings.

Buying backlinks - the advantages

The advantage of the buy of links is obvious: The links are available immediately and the initial business contact works supposably simple. The choice is very great in the most subject areas, so that every interested person may find a fitting link offer.

You may improve your search engine ranking by the bought backlinks, but you also receive new visitors via the website of the link seller. By the way the use of the text link marketplace is for free, but if you rent a text link you have to pay a fixed monthly rental fee.